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Easter Crafts

In lieu of welcoming you to our Craft Barn this Easter Holidays, we've turned all our crafts into downloadable worksheets! So whether you fancy making some Easter cards to deliver to your neighbours or a rabbit mask for playtime, you'll find all the information you need right here! 

Make a Chirpy Chick!

Make your own Easter chick out of a toilet roll tube, and some coloured paper! If you don't have coloured paper or tissue paper, why not paint your tube instead? Coffee filters or baking paper also make for fantastic wings!


Make a Relaxed Rabbit!

Make your own super-chilled rabbit using a paper cup. If you've not got any pipe cleaners you can use as legs, some laces or bendy straws would also work, and hand-coloured paper using pens or a paints, or even some wallpaper scraps are a great alternative for decorating the body!

Template for the body

Template for decorations


Make a Leaping Lamb!

Make your own leaping lamb finger puppet using our templates. 

Leaping Lamb Template


Make a Collage Card!

Using any scraps of paper you have at home, make this wonderfully colourful and creative Easter card.

Collage card template

Collage card instructions


Puzzles and Masks

If you're looking for a craft that's a little less involved, why not download one of our makss or puzzles?

Rabbit mask

Egg-stra special spectacles

Rabbit puzzle