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Spring and Summer Crafts

We've added a collection of our most popular spring craft templates for you to download and make at home. Some require some small common household objects like toilet roll tubes and string, but can be made with other objects if you don't have these.

Penshurst Place and the Sidney Family Literary History Online Course

In the 16th century, Penshurst Place was the home to the Sidney family, renowned for their literary works in the age of Shakespeare. The family, including Lady Mary Wroth and her uncle Sir Philip Sidney, wrote poetry and prose that still appeal to audiences today.

On this course, you will be introduced to Penshurst Place, the Sidney family, and their famous works. You will learn how Lady Mary Wroth and Mary Sidney paved the way for female authors in Elizabethan England. You will also review Wroth’s drama ‘Love’s Victory’, which was reenacted and filmed at Penshurst Place in September 2018.

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Make a Feeding Frog

Make a greedy guzzling frog with our stencil and a toilet roll tube, piece of string and a stapler. You can colour your frog however you like, for a real bit of razzle dazzle, why not add some sequins or even some glitter? 



Make a Bumble Bee Finger Puppet

Design and colour your own Bumble Bee Finger Puppet! All you need is our template, some glue or a stapler, and some pens or paints to decorate your bee. 




Make a Crawling Caterpillar!

Create a wriggly crawling caterpillar using a paper accordion​ fold. All you need are some strips of paper, coloured or plain!




Make a Racing Car!

For this zooming race car you will need a toilet roll tube, some scissors, glue, and coloured paper if you have it alternatively pens and paints will work just as well. 




Puzzles and Masks

If you're looking for a craft that's a little less involved, why not download one of our makss or puzzles?

Rabbit mask

Egg-stra special spectacles

Rabbit puzzle