Toy Museum

The Toy Museum was opened on 1st July 1970 by William Sidney, 1st Viscount De L’Isle. Since then, those who have visited have been delighted by the wonderful collection of toys on display from bygone eras.

The museum was created out of an old carpenters’ workshop and is part of a range of ‘Gothic’ stables of 1836, built by the 1st Viscount’s great-great grandfather.

Many of the toys are from the collection of Yootha Rose, stage designer, artist and royal toymaker, as well as toys from generations of the Sidney family, including many new ones from the present day owners.  Numerous others have been given or lent to Lord De L’Isle for the collection.

There are Toy Museum guides available to visitors during their visit, as well as a large print version and a Toy Museum trail for children.