Image Requests & Loans

Images of the paintings at Penshurst Place

The portraits and paintings at Penshurst Place are part of Viscount De L'Isle's private collection and charges are made for their reproduction. This income contributes to an ongoing conservation programme of the paintings.

If you wish to request permission to reproduce these images for publication, please download and complete our image request application form below and email it to


Image Request Application Form


As we are a small administrative office team and do not have a dedicated Picture Library Manager, we would ask you to follow these guidelines and contact us at least 6 weeks in advance of requiring your image to allow us time to invoice, receive payment and supply signed contract terms and conditions documents.

Images of Penshurst Place & Gardens

We are pleased to supply images where it is directly for the promotion of Penshurst Place & Gardens and not direct commercial gain. Terms and conditions apply. Permission however, needs to be sought to use images taken of Penshurst Place that will be used commercially. Please email our marketing department with your image requests.

Taking Images of Penshurst Place & Gardens

Visitors to Penshurst Place & Gardens are welcome to take images of the public Gardens and House exteriors during their visit, for their own personal use.

As a privately owned home, Penshurst Place is not to be used for commercial gain, or to promote your own company or goods and services. As an example, we respectfully ask that you do not use it as a beautiful backdrop to sell your cars online.

Any images, film or photography taken at Penshurst Place or images taken on the estate are not to be sold or exchanged for any fees or services without prior agreement of Penshurst Place. This includes any commercial photography and filming, stills or portfolio work.

Permission should be sought in advance of photography being taken or published if using Penshurst Place and Estate to promote yourself or your company, and a location fee will normally need to be paid. To request permission please contact our marketing department.