Research Enquiries

As we are a small team, Penshurst Place does not have a curator or an archivist, we are therefore unable to answer research enquiries directly. We have however found that most enquiries normally relate to the family history, the history of the House, or research into a particular subject or topic. Please see below the resources available in this instance.

Penshurst Place Resources

The Penshurst Place guidebook contains information on the family, history of the House and also the heraldic symbols in use. This is available to order by post from our Estate Office.

Where possible, why not visit us and ask one of our knowledgeable House Stewards for further information? There are also many books about Penshurst Place and the Sidney family, some stocked by our Gift Shop.

Academic Resources

Much academic work has also been done on Penshurst Place and the Sidney family, and about some of the previous workers and staff on the Estate, which may be available online or to order through your local library, and for registered students through various University Libraries and the British Library.

A suggested reading list can be downloaded below.


Suggested Reading List


The De L’Isle Archives

The De L'Isle archives are stored at the Kent History and Library centre in Maidstone. Formal academic research requests to access these should be put in writing, addressed to Viscount De L'Isle c/o Maryann Webster, and sent to the Estate Office. Please be aware replies to requests take up to 6 weeks. 

Address to use:

Maryann Webster
Penshurst Place Estate Office
TN11 8DH