Head Gardener's Notes


Head Gardener's Notes: Winter 2017/18

Winter is the time of year when we tackle the more intrusive tasks in the garden, meaning we limit our use of big (and often loud!) machinery during the open season. &nbs...

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Head Gardener's Notes: Autumn 2017

Autumn is in the air, with mist rising from the Medway as we come into the garden in the early morning, but hopefully summer is not completely over. The Blue and Yellow b...

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Head Gardener's Notes: Summer 2017

What an amazing spring we have had; warm sunny days, superb floral displays and a lot of new planting and seed sowing throughout the garden. It has been wonderful, though...

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Head Gardener's Notes: Spring 2017

I am sure you can see that we have, as usual, been very busy in the garden this winter. It is nice to have had some decent cold weather to help kill off some of the probl...

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