Head Gardener's Notes

Head Gardener's Notes: Spring 2018

9th of Apr, 2018

We’ve had a bit of a wash-out spring so far, and though the daffodils persevered through the worst of the mist, it’s a shame they weren’t seen under full sunlight when they were at their most beautiful.  The paths are beginning to dry out now the weather is turning brighter, and the fully-grassed gardens such as the Flag and the Orchard will soon be sturdy enough to take larger footfalls without covering our visitor’s shoes in mud!

The rain and wet weather has been a gift to the various water features and ponds across the estate and have seen them refilled from their links with Lancup Well, the lake in the home park which visitors can access via the wooden gate from the picnic area on the Lime Walk. The water features were a little low last season, so this year we’re hopeful for a more hydrated 2018!

You may notice that we have made a few changes to what is now the George Carter Walk (in place of the Lanning Roper Border) with only a few plants being held back until the soil is a little less wet. Plants such as Crambe (Flowering Sea kale) can cope with a little water over winter, but really don’t get on with being planted into cold wet ground…something the gardening team can certainly sympathise with! We’ll be planting them with extra grit about the roots to help the drainage and with the sun now set to stay for a little while, they should continue to grow well.

The Team has continued to work on family areas with a new den building centre in the Woodland Trail and a new zipline swing and fort in the playground, meaning the children will be entertained for even longer whilst you enjoy a well-earned coffee from the Porcupine Pantry kiosk.

Preparation for sowing is ongoing in the Flag garden with hundreds of Dianthus growing in the Glasshouses and the sweet pea waiting to be sowed direct later in the spring. We are also growing for the next display in the containers at the Visitor entrance and around the house and gardens.

Lastly, we’re pleased to mention the beautiful 12,500 Jewel of Spring tulips in the Italian Garden are now all in bloom! Be sure to visit and see them if you can, they truly are a spectacular sight.


With best wishes
Tony Wiseman