Historic Houses Association: Garden of The Year Finalist

1st of Aug, 2021

We're thrilled to be a finalist for the Historic Houses Association's 2021 Garden of the Year Awards. Rubbing shoulders with other prestigeous Gardens including our neighbours to the North, Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, and High Beeches in West Sussex, it's a honour to have gotten this far in the competition - though we would still love to win! 


Voting is still open and is quicker than making a cup of tea, so why not lend us your vote before settling down with a cup?

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Our earliest garden records date back to 1346, but the Gardens as they are today really came into their own after the Sidney family took residence in 1552. With many members of the Sidney family leaving a lasting legacy in the Gardens, whether it be through layout, design or sculpture, the Gardens at Penshurst Place now act as a living family album, showcasing the hard work and close bond between the family and the Gardeners who have made Penshurst Place their life work across the centuries. 


To read our full submission for the competition and to learn more about how the Sidney family are represented throughout the Gardens, please click below


Garden of The Year Submission